The Best Way to Make Eggs for a Lazy Weekend Morning

Hey all!

So one of my favorite things to do on Saturday morning is make breakfast for my man and myself. I pretty much always make the same thing-turkey bacon and scrambled eggs. I don’t do toast or pancakes or anything like that because Steve tries to eat all healthy. He’s good like that, always watching his weight and going to the gym. He has quite the routine going. Me on the other hand, eh..My routine consists of going to the gym once in awhile and trying to eat well, while occasionally overdoing it with things like flaming hot Cheetos and that newish hot cookie thing from Dominos.

But yeah.  As I said, I just do the eggs and the bacon. They come out pretty scrumptious, if I do say so myself. Read on if you too would like to make delicious  noms for breakfast.

You will need:

About 4-6 0z of whatever cheese you like (I personally use muenster)
Turkey bacon (I like the Applegate Farms brand, it’s meatier than most)
Coconut oil (you can also use butter, it’s what I do when I run out of the coconut oil and don’t feel like shelling out 10.00+ to buy another jar)
Salami (optional-unless you’re me that is. For me, it’s extremely necessary).
a small- medium sized NONSTICK frying pan

I like to make the turkey bacon first, so I don’t forget about it while I’m caught up in preparing my eggs. I use the oven. I’ve heard a lot of people swear by making turkey bacon in microwave- to that, I say try the oven, it will change the rest of your turkey bacon eating life forever. The first thing I do is preheat my oven to 400 degrees.  I then  take a piece of aluminum foil, spray the shit out of it with non stick spray and  throw my turkey bacon on top of it. I leave it in the oven for about ten minutes, or until it’s crispy.

Just like that 😃


Once that’s done with, I turn off the oven to prevent my bacon from continuing to cook. I will usually leave it in the oven until we’re ready to eat, to ensure that  it stays warm.

Now for the eggs…

I like to get all my ingredients ready first. I shred up a few slices of salami, and dice my muenster cheese into small pieces. You could also grate the cheese if you wanted to. I personally don’t want to. There is nothing more hellish to me than cleaning a cheese grater-nothing.




The next thing I do is beat my eggs. I think this is pretty self explanatory-you just crack eggs  into a mixing bowl and whisk them with a fork. I like to add a little salt and pepper in between  all of the whisking.


I then grease a nonstick frying pan with coconut oil.  The most important thing to remember is that you want to cook on low heat. Not too low, but low. Medium low. The highest low there is, or maybe the lowest medium. Got it?

Using a pointy cooking utensil (or a chopstick), I begin to cook my eggs.


I gently use my cooking fork thingy to make circular motions.


The only  annoying thing is that the eggs always tend to  stick to the side of the pan as they’re cooking.  I have found this to be pretty much inevitable. You’ll want to continuously scrape the eggs off of the sides of the pan when you make yours. This will save you a lot of pain and agony after the fact.

I add my salami when my eggs are about 55% cooked, or when they look like this:


They will then look like this:

When my eggs are practically done, (what yours look like at this point  will vary depending on how cooked you like them) I sprinkle my cheese on top of them.


I’m currently feeling like my  eggs would have looked a hell of a lot more aesthetically pleasing had I taken the time to shred the cheese instead of chopping it up with a steak knife. Oh well. Still beats washing a cheese grater.

Sometimes, if I feel really impatient while I’m waiting for the cheese to melt, I’ll  reduce the flame a bit more and cover my  pan with a dinner plate for two or three minutes. If you do this, use kitchen mits and watch what you’re doing-if you think you’re going to burn yourself doing this, don’t. Chill out and make yourself a cup of coffee while you wait. I refuse to assume any responsibility in the event that you do burn yourself.



As you can see, I couldn’t resist taking a bite out of my bacon before I took the picture. Sorry!

If you enjoyed this blog post and would like to see others like it, please let me know in the comments below. Oh, and please follow me. I would also love to see other people’s breakfast recipes- what do you make on a Saturday morning?

Happy breakfast making, everybody!


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