What’s On My Mind

Hey all,

So it’s already Wednesday. I always feel like the week goes by so quickly, which I guess is a good thing. I had a lot of things running through  my mind today. Serious, important things. I thought it might be fun to share them with you. Here’s my top 5 random thoughts of the day. They’re mixed with some fun facts, in case you feel like getting to know yours truly.

Here we go…

1. Today is Ash Wednesday, which means no meat. It also means I’ll be spending my Fridays over the next forty days in WTFDIE mode. That stands for’ What the f do I eat’ mode. Today, I brought plain pizza for lunch. No clue what I’m having for dinner later. Maybe a Nutella sandwich, or my scrambled eggs without the turkey bacon and salami….although I don’t know if I’ll be able to enjoy my eggs without turkey bacon or salami. Ugh…

Fun fact: I used to be a vegetarian. I did it once in high school for about 6 months, and again during my freshman year of college. The first time around, I survived on cookies, goldfish crackers, and bagels with butter. The second time I took the plunge, I ate a lot of healthy shit, like tofu scrambles and brown rice pasta.No idea how I did it back then, since having to do it once or twice a week during lent sends me into WTFDIE mode now.

Maybe I’ll just get sushi every Friday. Problem solved!

2. I keep thinking about how happy I am that my kitchen is clean. Like, really freaking happy. I had all these dirty dishes piling up in the sink from Super Bowl Sunday, which was driving my type A ass up the wall. I spent a good forty five minutes washing dishes last night. I also cleaned my stove top. It’s so ridiculous shiny and beautiful now, I can practically see my reflection in it. Maybe I’m weird, but my kitchen being really squeaky clean makes me happier than a pig in shit. Anyone else?

3.  I’ve been going back and forth with myself on this one-should I polish my own nails  for Valentine’s day, or go to the salon to get a gel mani? The real question is, do I feel like shelling out $25.00 plus tip, or spending x amount of hours peeling nail polish boo boos off the skin around my nail beds? Decisions decisions.

4. I need to go to the gym tonight. Like actually go, not just acknowledge my need to go.  Lately, I’ve been working out so inconsistently that I end up spending my sporadic cardio sessions on the  stair master  coughing and wheezing like a sixty year old chain smoker. With bronchitis. Not cool.

5. How come when I bring chips for a snack I always eat them, but when I bring fresh veggies for a snack I’m not hungry? Like how does my stomach know what’s in my snack drawer?

There we go, my five random thoughts of today. What’s on your mind? Let me know in the comments below.If you enjoyed this blog entry, kindly do follow me. Pretty please. Comments and likes would also be mighty nice 🙂


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