Review of Nailhur Renewable Snap On Manicures

So, let me start this review with an honest disclaimer: I’m really a very limited individual when it comes to doing my own nails. I’m lucky I can hold a nail polish brush steady to paint them myself. I can never get those cute nail stickers by Kiss and Sally Hansen to stay on for more than  24 hours. I have no idea what possessed me to think I would be a good candidate for Nailhur press on nails.

Okay, that’s kind of a lie; I do know what possessed me. I follow a ton of beauty accounts on Instagram. I kept seeing pictures of different YouTube glamouristas sporting press on nails from The thing about Nailhur that enticed me was the fact that the nail sets come in various colors, prints, and shapes. I also liked that they were supposed to be reusable up to twenty times. I saw all the pretty girlies rocking their gorgeous  Nailhur nails and thought to myself, “I want to look fabulous too!” So of course, I went on their website  and ordered the white square shaped nails in “Cosmopolitan Chic.” I should’ve been smart and started off with just one set, but  I just  had to get carried away; I also purchased the squaletto shaped set in “Sweet Pink”. Sigh. Sometimes, I just don’t know how to quit while I’m ahead.

As you might have guessed,the Nailhur application process was nothing short of a disaster. Each set comes with 24 nails, so that you can pick the one that best fits over each fingernail. It sounds easy enough, but I definitely screwed this part up-big time. I ended up  applying a dainty, appropriately sized slender nail on my left index finger and a huge chunky nail that was probably meant for a thumb nail on my right index finger. I didn’t realize what I had done until after I had used the glue and pressed the second artificial nail down on my nail bed. I  knew at that point I wouldn’t be able to fix my mistake without ripping off several layers of my natural nail in the process. So, I decided to let it go. No big deal.

I also managed to get nail glue all over the skin on my hands. Don’t ask me how, this is me we are talking about. This wasn’t exactly a big deal either. Still, it didn’t feel very nice.

I didn’t really like wearing the Nailhur press on nails. I found them to be invasive, and even a bit uncomfortable. The best way I can think to describe them  would be to say that they felt “tight” on my nail beds.

I did receive a lot of compliments on the way that they looked. The only negative feedback I received was from my smart ass second cousin, who upon seeing my nails asked me if I had “lost a bet”. Love you too, jerk. ❤️

By the end of the day, I was completely  over my snap-on manicure. I wasn’t too worried about removal , as I had read that  they were supposed to soak off with hot soapy water. Lol, yeah right! After trying to soak them off this way for nearly an hour, I resorted to using the extra press on nails from the set to pry them off. As you can imagine, there was a shit ton of damage done to my natural nails as well as the press on nails. Reusable? For this girl? Not a chance.

I tried to weaken the glue by soaking  my nails in acetone nail polish remover , which you aren’t supposed to do if you intend on reusing the Nailhur. I figured there was no additional harm being done, as I had already damaged nearly all of the press on nails beyond recognition. This helped a lot. I managed to successfully remove all but two of them. My pinky and my thumb press on nails  still didn’t want to budge. I ended up cutting them down to nubs and picking at them myself. It took about a day and a half for them to fall off. As you can imagine, my natural nails were slightly thinner and noticeably scratched up from this process.

While my experience with Nailhur was unfortunate, I will admit that it is probably one that only I would have. I’ve seen several reviews on YouTube, all of which have been pretty positive. I think I may have used too much glue. Maybe I would have had better luck if I had used it more sparingly. Or maybe I should have used adhesive tabs instead of nail glue. The thing is, I’m way too traumatized from my previous experience to give Nailhur another shot. Lol #butreally

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