Review: Sephora’s Formula X Basecoat 

Hey all!
I wanted to do a review of Sephora’s Formula X base coat. As you know if you’ve read my previous entries, I’m a nail polish addict. I usually go no more than 48 hours (tops!) without rocking a color on my nails. Without it, I feel like something is missing. I also think it makes my (slightly) chubby, stubby fingers to look more like long, skinny piano fingers. Kind of.

The thing about this basecoat is that it’s very sticky, which I think helps the polish to adhere more smoothly, as well as last longer. I have definitely noticed that my manicures have greater staying power from using this product. I find that I get an extra day, maybe an extra two days, with some very slight wear at the tips of my nails. 
2 day old mani, with O.PI.’s Barefoot in Barcelona.  It lasted an additional 24 hours after this picture was taken.  

4 day old mani with Essie’s Mochachino-not too shabby 🙂
Confession: I have a tendency to be kind of rough on my hands, especially when I’m cooking and cleaning/ washing dishes. I don’t think that someone like me could ever realistically get a week’s wear from regular polish. Using rubber gloves when I do these things is helpful, but still doesn’t give me a week of beautifully lacquered nails.
Happy manicuring!
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