Tarte Cosmetics Create Your Own Beauty Kit for $59.00, free shipping, valid 04/26

Hi there!

I thought I would let anybody who cares know that tartecosmetics.com is having a pretty awesome sale today! You get a make-up bag (you can pick from several springy colors), a full sized foundation ( with the option of choosing an airbrush, powder, gel, or clay primer formula), a blush (various formulas as well), a lip product (select a  tint, ,a stick, a glosses or a creme), an eyeliner (waterpoof pencil, liquid, or gel), a mascara ( there are several formulas with names that sound cool but don’t really tell you much about the product, so I dunno), and a make-up brush (( choose between blushing, bronzing, contouring, or eye-lining)-all for just 59.00, shipping included!

No, I’m not being paid by Tarte to tell you about this promo, which is called the “Create Your Own Beauty Kit” special. As always, I freaking wish someone would pay me. Or maybe just send me a free lipgloss, or something. I would literally be the happiest girl ever. My beautiful friend Diane, who loves make-up as much as I do, posted about this deal on social media. I really really really wish I could personally take advantage of it, but I just spent a crap ton of money on make-up last week. I’m trying to be a responsible adult and exercise some self restraint. It’s not easy, and so I was hoping that by blogging about this insanely awesome deal that I’m missing out on, I could at least give myself the satisfaction of having helped another fellow make-up enthusiast to scratch the compulsive, ever present itch to buy more pretty shit they don’t need.

You’re welcome. Be sure to check out tartecosmetics.com. Let me know in the comments below what products you decided on.  I would love to hear, as long as you don’t rub it in my face too much. 🙂 If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like, and follow!


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