Coming Soon: New Hair Pt. I

Let me be real here-this isn’t a drastic change I’m embarking on. I’m changing my hair color  up a bit is all. I plan to  go from Garnier Olia Hair Color in the shade Darkest Brown 3.0...


to Loreal Feria’s “Multi-Faceted Shimmering Hair Colour”  in Coolest Soft Black.


I’ll be honest-most of the people that know me probably already think I have black hair. The reason for my wanting to make a change is because I have a lot of naturally orangey red undertones going on in the thick, lion’s mane that grows uncontrollably out of my head. I am of the opinion that reddish toned locks look great on some people- I’m just really not too crazy about them on me. Immediately after I color my hair with the Garnier,  the red is fully hidden-just the way I like it. After about 5 weeks, it starts to show through again and I end up dying my entire head, even though I really should only have to retouch  my roots. I would really like to get away with doing touch-ups  every five weeks and doing my  full head of hair every eight to ten weeks. You already know that I have a Type A personality-that combined with the fact that I’m lazy means I genuinely feel the need to go from practically black to actually black. This simple switch could be life changing for me.

Not gonna lie, I’m kind of excited to see myself with black hair. I’m super fair skinned (I’m at least 30% Irish, my mother’s last name begins with ‘ Mc’), and I love bright colored lipstick. Being all pale and rocking black hair with bold lips is going to make me feel all cute and sassy. I presume I’ll look just like Snow White-actually, she’s one of my least favorite Disney Princesses.It’s partly because I’m a feminist who isn’t amused by the sight of a cheerful  Disney princess who sings and smiles while cleaning up after seven little dudes…( like woman, come on….) and partly because that movie always has and always will bore the sh*t out of me.

Maybe Snow White isn’t the best example to strive for…  What about Katy Perry? She has black hair and very white skin. I’ll be a less hot Katy with much smaller boobs.

Still not gonna lie- I’m also nervous. So much so that I called my good friend who used to work in a hair salon yesterday from the boxed dye aisle at Target. Kind and patient as always, she reassured me for probably not the first (or the last time), that yes, the black will fade overtime and yes, I’ll be able to gradually return to the darkest brown shade if I am unhappy.  She advised me to only keep the  black dye on my hair for half the time that  the instructions says I’m supposed to, in order to make the soft black even softer in shade.  Thanks girl!

I’m feeling a lot of nerves about this hair situation right now.  Butterflies of both anxiety  and excitement are dancing around in my stomach. To be continued…because I’m tired, and don’t feel like coloring my hair tonight.


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