Coming Soon: New Hair Pt. I

Let me be real here-this isn’t a drastic change I’m embarking on. I’m changing my hair color  up a bit is all. I plan to  go from Garnier Olia Hair Color in the shade Darkest Brown 3.0...


to Loreal Feria’s “Multi-Faceted Shimmering Hair Colour”  in Coolest Soft Black.


I’ll be honest-most of the people that know me probably already think I have black hair. The reason for my wanting to make a change is because I have a lot of naturally orangey red undertones going on in the thick, lion’s mane that grows uncontrollably out of my head. I am of the opinion that reddish toned locks look great on some people- I’m just really not too crazy about them on me. Immediately after I color my hair with the Garnier,  the red is fully hidden-just the way I like it. After about 5 weeks, it starts to show through again and I end up dying my entire head, even though I really should only have to retouch  my roots. I would really like to get away with doing touch-ups  every five weeks and doing my  full head of hair every eight to ten weeks. You already know that I have a Type A personality-that combined with the fact that I’m lazy means I genuinely feel the need to go from practically black to actually black. This simple switch could be life changing for me.

Not gonna lie, I’m kind of excited to see myself with black hair. I’m super fair skinned (I’m at least 30% Irish, my mother’s last name begins with ‘ Mc’), and I love bright colored lipstick. Being all pale and rocking black hair with bold lips is going to make me feel all cute and sassy. I presume I’ll look just like Snow White-actually, she’s one of my least favorite Disney Princesses.It’s partly because I’m a feminist who isn’t amused by the sight of a cheerful  Disney princess who sings and smiles while cleaning up after seven little dudes…( like woman, come on….) and partly because that movie always has and always will bore the sh*t out of me.

Maybe Snow White isn’t the best example to strive for…  What about Katy Perry? She has black hair and very white skin. I’ll be a less hot Katy with much smaller boobs.

Still not gonna lie- I’m also nervous. So much so that I called my good friend who used to work in a hair salon yesterday from the boxed dye aisle at Target. Kind and patient as always, she reassured me for probably not the first (or the last time), that yes, the black will fade overtime and yes, I’ll be able to gradually return to the darkest brown shade if I am unhappy.  She advised me to only keep the  black dye on my hair for half the time that  the instructions says I’m supposed to, in order to make the soft black even softer in shade.  Thanks girl!

I’m feeling a lot of nerves about this hair situation right now.  Butterflies of both anxiety  and excitement are dancing around in my stomach. To be continued…because I’m tired, and don’t feel like coloring my hair tonight.


I will not buy more make-up. LOL JK

Hi there!

So I went into the drugstore the other day while my boyfriend was getting deli meat at a grocery store nearby. I told myself I would only purchase what I had come there for, which happened to be  spray-in hair de-tangler-I use the one by Pantene, if anyone was wondering.


It works awesome if you have super long, thick, seriously wavy/borderline curly hair. Just saying.

But yeah, I told myself I would be a responsible adult, and keep my eye on the prize. I know hair de-tangler spray isn’t what most would consider to be a prize, but with my naturally tangly locks, it’s a  definite necessity. I swore to myself that I would be good…

Lol,I lied! Meet my new favorite red lippy, Wet n’ Wild’s Red Velvet.

It was only two dollars and some change. I would’ve felt guilty looking at the Maybelline or Revlon display, after what I had originally promised myself. See there, Wet n’Wild cosmetics are good for my conscience.

Not only is this color super cheap, it’s also super bright! Love me some bold lipstick, especially one that stays on well enough to resemble a lip stain after I’ve eaten lunch and don’t have time and/or am feeling too lazy to do touch ups. #dontjudgeme

I think it’s safe to say that this color has made it into the carry-around-with-me-at-all-times collection. Can you blame me? It’s such a fiery, Marilyn Monroe-esque color. I  highly approve.



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Lip Products [that I feel the need to carry around with me at all times]

So last night around 10:30 p.m, I  said good night to my man and headed to the living room. I had every intention of vegging out on the couch and browsing on my iPhone 5s (which now has a cracked screen, ever since taking a dive off the foot of my bed last week) for new blogs to follow on WordPress.

Just as I was about to sprawl my body across the couch, I  happened to glance  over at the beautiful Michael Kohrs bag my best friend bought me for Christmas, which happened to be perched on my coffee table…(did I mention that she’s better than your best friend?) The zipper was open, and it looked really full-messy full. I thought “Wow, I need to clean that out…yesterday.” Reluctantly, I sat on the floor and got to work. 

As I was cleaning gum wrappers and old credit card receipts out of my beautiful Michael Kohrs bag ( I love how that sounds),I realized that I had been carrying about a third of my lipstick/lipgloss collection around with me for quite some time. I probably don’t need to  have all of these lip colors in my purse, I thought to myself. Perhaps this is a bit excessive

So, I went ahead and narrowed my carry-around  for-the-lips collection down to 6 must-have items. I insist, I really must have all 6 of these products with me-always. I just must. 

6 Lip Products [that I feel the need to carry around with me at all times]

  1. ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Color in  Clueless

This is a pretty,pinky-nudish color. I bought it after hearing it was a dupe for the Kylie Jenner lipkit in Candy K. I love that it only cost 6 bucks, which is way better than Miss Jenner’s outrageous price of $30.00-doesn’t she make enough money for doing nothing? I certainly think so, which is why I bought the ColourPop version of this shade. 

2. Mac Matte lipstick in Honey Love & 3. Mac Prolongwear lip pencil in Nice n’Spicy

I love this combo! It makes for a super subtle, natural nude lip. Great  for  pairing with dramatically made up eyes,  or as part of a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look.

4. Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Cherry Cordial

I love this smoky, sultry-dare I say it-vampy color. It is perfection. 

5. Rimmel Stay Glossy lipgloss in Blushing Belgraves

My favorite gloss formula in my favorite nude color…Need I say more?

6 . Mac Lipstick in Rebel

I honestly tried to talk myself out of throwing this color back into the bottomless hole that is my purse.Then, I thought about its pretty purpley pink (maybe more like pinky purple?) color and how irresistibly gorgeous it is. Back in the bag it went! 

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My April Beauty Favorites- each $5 or less!

Hey there!

You’ll like this post if you’re trying to save up for something crazy awesome, like a tropical summer vacation get away. Everything featured here  costs less than 5 bucks apiece. You should be able to find these products at a drugstore near you. You can also purchase them  from They offer free shipping on orders over  $35.00, which means you can go crazy and buy yourself a ton of inexpensive make-up goodies.  Or maybe you need face wash or vitamins or something-whatever you fancy.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Let me just say, I was really loving me some Wet n’ Wild this  past month.

Wet n’ Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain Moisturizing Lip Color in Red-y or Not – $2.99

This is a beautiful, soft red. In terms of the texture,I would say that it’s just matte enough to last and just glossy enough to keep your lips from becoming chapped. I love that!

Wet n’ Wild Nailpolishes 0.99-$2.29

I have tried  two different formulas from this brand. First, I did my own mani/pedi with the color Tropicalia, which is from their MegaLast collection. My manicure lasted me four whole days! That was even after I washed a ton of dishes without my trusty elbow length rubber gloves on! My pedicure is still going strong a week later, but I have found  that to be the case for almost any brand of  nail polish on my toes.  My mani/pedi, along with my 3 day old Tropicalia nails.

I also tried Wet n’Wild’s Shine Nail color in Bijou Blue.

Obsessed with this color. Kindly pardon the messy paint job.

This mani only stayed put for about two and a half days, but it was so very pretty. This formula is even cheaper than the MegaLast.  I paid a whopping 99 cents for it. I made sure to get a bunch of different colors. For the price, I simply couldn’t resist.

Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Blush in Fantastic Plastic Pink 


I actually wore this blush today. It’s this perfect baby pink color with sparkles. Fear not, the sparkly finish is very subtle-you can totally get away with wearing this formula to work.

Behold, the one item in my monthly favorites that is NOT from Wet n’Wild…

Rimmel Stay Glossy lip glosses (various colors-I’m still collecting these!) $3.00-$5.00

Click here for my blog on these phenomenal lip glosses!

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Tarte Cosmetics Create Your Own Beauty Kit for $59.00, free shipping, valid 04/26

Hi there!

I thought I would let anybody who cares know that is having a pretty awesome sale today! You get a make-up bag (you can pick from several springy colors), a full sized foundation ( with the option of choosing an airbrush, powder, gel, or clay primer formula), a blush (various formulas as well), a lip product (select a  tint, ,a stick, a glosses or a creme), an eyeliner (waterpoof pencil, liquid, or gel), a mascara ( there are several formulas with names that sound cool but don’t really tell you much about the product, so I dunno), and a make-up brush (( choose between blushing, bronzing, contouring, or eye-lining)-all for just 59.00, shipping included!

No, I’m not being paid by Tarte to tell you about this promo, which is called the “Create Your Own Beauty Kit” special. As always, I freaking wish someone would pay me. Or maybe just send me a free lipgloss, or something. I would literally be the happiest girl ever. My beautiful friend Diane, who loves make-up as much as I do, posted about this deal on social media. I really really really wish I could personally take advantage of it, but I just spent a crap ton of money on make-up last week. I’m trying to be a responsible adult and exercise some self restraint. It’s not easy, and so I was hoping that by blogging about this insanely awesome deal that I’m missing out on, I could at least give myself the satisfaction of having helped another fellow make-up enthusiast to scratch the compulsive, ever present itch to buy more pretty shit they don’t need.

You’re welcome. Be sure to check out Let me know in the comments below what products you decided on.  I would love to hear, as long as you don’t rub it in my face too much. 🙂 If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like, and follow!

My Holy Grail Lipgloss (Less than 5$ at a drug store near you! 

Okay, so first let’s talk about my relationship with lipgloss. You know that girl you went to school with, who you were never too crazy about, because you always believed her to be a certain kind of person? Remember that  one fateful day,  when you two somehow ended up chilling with the same group of friends, and you  found yourself thinking, “Long lost sister of mine,where the hell have you been all my life?!”

That’s my relationship with lipgloss. I used to almost never wear it, because I thought I wasn’t a fan of it. I thought all glosses were sticky. I also thought all glosses would come off the second I started  to eat or drink anything.

The product I am about to share with you has completely revolutionized the way I think about lipgloss. As I was scrolling through Instagram one day, I saw several fellow make-up enthusiasts rocking some super shiny lips. I thought it looked really pretty on them, and therefore convinced myself to give gloss another chance. I headed to my local Walgreens that very day. After perusing the make-up aisle, I  decided randomly on a lip product from Rimmel. They have a formula called Stay Glossy. I chose a pale pinky nude color by the name of Blushing Belgraves.

I’m not really sure what a Belgrave is, but I am sure that I freaking love this gloss! From day one, I have been crazy about the consistency of it; It is incredibly light, while also being creamy and moisturizing. It’s so shiny, to the point where the people around you will practically be able to see their reflection in it. I have also found that it stays on pretty well. You will still need to reapply after eating a meal, but you can totally get away with nibbling on a dainty snack, or drinking your morning coffee without having to worry about touch-ups. I just LOVE that.

The really awesome part about this product-it’s super cheap. I have seen it at various drugstores for different prices, but never for more than five bucks. I recently decided that  I needed to get my hands on  some more colors. See below.

Rimmel  Stay Glossy in Savoy Plum

I love how shimmery this is. I feel like it instantly adds a lot of glamour to an every day look.

Rimmel Stay Glossy in Red Carpet Glam-3D formula

Utra shiny, long wearing, and looks like it has a watermelon tint to it. Great for summer.

Rimmel  Stay Glossy in Stay My Rose

Very shiny and classically simple. A little too plain to be worn alone, at least for my taste. I think it would look great over a mauve lipstick, or paired with a dramatic eye look.

I suggest you run  (don’t walk!) to  your local drugstore to get your own Stay Glossy lip gloss from Rimmel.  I promise you will thank me later.

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Review: Sephora’s Formula X Basecoat 

Hey all!
I wanted to do a review of Sephora’s Formula X base coat. As you know if you’ve read my previous entries, I’m a nail polish addict. I usually go no more than 48 hours (tops!) without rocking a color on my nails. Without it, I feel like something is missing. I also think it makes my (slightly) chubby, stubby fingers to look more like long, skinny piano fingers. Kind of.

The thing about this basecoat is that it’s very sticky, which I think helps the polish to adhere more smoothly, as well as last longer. I have definitely noticed that my manicures have greater staying power from using this product. I find that I get an extra day, maybe an extra two days, with some very slight wear at the tips of my nails. 
2 day old mani, with O.PI.’s Barefoot in Barcelona.  It lasted an additional 24 hours after this picture was taken.  

4 day old mani with Essie’s Mochachino-not too shabby 🙂
Confession: I have a tendency to be kind of rough on my hands, especially when I’m cooking and cleaning/ washing dishes. I don’t think that someone like me could ever realistically get a week’s wear from regular polish. Using rubber gloves when I do these things is helpful, but still doesn’t give me a week of beautifully lacquered nails.
Happy manicuring!
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